6 Days Mount Elgon Hike

6 Days
  • good fitness levels required
  • 18
  • 50


Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano that is said to have the largest surface area of any extinct volcano in the world and a caldera which covers over 40km2 at the top of the mountain. The highest peak, Wagagai, sits at 4,321m and is the second highest in Uganda  and the eighth highest in Africa, though millions of years ago it was the continent’s tallest.

In addition to the interesting and unique flora and fauna, you can expect to experience magnificent waterfalls, enormous caves, scenic peaks and gorges, and hot springs which bubble up at 48’C.

The mountain is covered with dense montane forest at 2,500m then bamboo forest to 3,000m and above 3,500m the mountainside opens into moorland dotted with outlandish forms of giant lobelias and groundsels. Mount Elgon National Park is home to over 300 species of birds, including the African goshawk, Chubb’s cisticola, whitechinned prinia, African blue flycatcher and the endangered lammergeyer.

The Local People: Mt. Elgon is home to two tribes, the Bagisu and the Sabiny. The Bagisu, who live on the southern and western slopes of Mount Elgon are known for their colourful, biannual Imbalu ceremony in which boys are initiated into manhood through circumcision. The Bagisu, also known as the Bamasaba, consider Mount Elgon to be the embodiment of their founding father Masaba and refer to the mountain by this name.


  • Highest Point: reach wagagai peak


Today, you will arrive and drive to Sipi Falls.

The climb starts in the morning. Ascend via the Sasa trail and then descend via the Piswa trail. This journey takes approximately 4 hours. From Budadiri take on the trail that leads to Sasa River Camp and this may take approximately 2 hours.

Day 3 :

From Sasa River camp climb to Sasa Patrol Hut (2 hrs). From Sasa Patrol Hut takes one-hour climb to Mude Cave campsite. If experienced / stronger climber, he might leave Mude and continue climbing up to Jackson's summit 4,192 m (2 hrs climb).

From Mude Cave climb to Wagagai Peak (4,321 m). This takes approximately 4 hours.

From Mude Cave descend to the Caldera and Hot Springs (4 hrs) descending to mountain base. You will drive to Entebbe Airport for overnight.

Day 6 :

This morning, you will drive to Entebbe airport for your departure flight out.


Hiking Equipment & Tools

  • Good quality Sleeping bag


  • Soft Bag / Hold all or Rucksack (framed or unframed) – large enough to hold your personal gear (limit 25Kg) on the mountain; this will be carried by a porter.


  • Daysac – minimum capacity 20kg – that you will carry. Big enough for you to carry your daily water (3litres), lunch box, camera, wet weather clothing and fleece jacket.


  • External protective cover for rucksack & daysac (or pack all contents in plastic bags for water-proofing)


  • Polarized snow glasses or goggles – to protect your eyes from sun glare and snow. At the very least good quality sunglasses (models with side-shields are preferable).


  • High factor sun block (minimum factor + 15)


  • Lip salve


  • Head Torch and a set of spare batteries (special batteries are not always available locally)


  • 2nd / Back up torch and spare batteries


  • Water bottle(s) (strong) to hold 3 liters – which you will carry with you, daily)


  • Water treatment tablets / iodine or quality filter (although water gets boiled for you by our staff and served as tea or coffee)


  • Spare plastic bags (to keep things as dry as possible)


  • Wash kit plus a small towel


  • Basic First Aid kit (for personal use) including paracetamol & dehydration sachets


  • A few of your favorite sweets/’chewies’/dried fruit


  • We provide: harnesses, crampons, ropes, caribinas, helmets and ice axes

Clothing Guide

Clothing (essential)

  • Summer shirt/s and shorts – for walking in the heat at the start of the trek
  • Warm long-sleeved shirt – for when it gets cold
  • Warm long walking trousers (not jeans!)
  • Fleece jacket (one or more, and/or a down jacket) – for additional warmth; or a warm anorak/jacket which should not be too heavy
  • Thermal underwear
  • Good quality waterproof and windproof outer shell (Jacket & trousers)
  • Cheap plastic poncho
  • Hat – a warm hat and a sun hat (that has both a peak and shades the back of your neck)
  • Wool Hat/Balaclava
  • Gloves – 2 pairs; one pair of thin liners and another of warmer, waterproof outer gloves are more practical than mittens.


  • Mountain boots – essential (good quality well- worn in)Wa
  • lking Shoes (another pair of lighter weight walking shoes / trainers for the start of the climb)
  • Several pairs of warm, cushioned socks (so you always have a dry pair to change into)
  • have a limited but useful role in preventing scree, snow and mud (at the start of the climb) from getting into your boots. Rubber boots can work out more.

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6 Days Mount Elgon Hike
  • good fitness levels required
  • 18
  • 50
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